In April 2023, I left my role as a brand coordinator at LendingTree. During my tenure at the company, I was responsible for various aspects of brand marketing, organic social, partnership activations, and corporate communications. My day-to-day activities included brainstorming new initiatives, overseeing the creation of graphics and short-form video content, managing and analyzing the results of our organic initiatives, and optimizing high-profile paid partnerships, influencer campaigns, and consumer surveys.

I previously served as a social media strategist for LendingTree, where I focused on three acquired brands. After successfully completing a 12-week internship program, I transitioned to a part-time contracting position while finishing my degree.

During my time at LendingTree, I accomplished the following:

  • Spearheaded PR consumer research efforts by project managing our Qualtrics account and a six-figure retainer to execute survey fields programmed into Qualtrics. I also analyzed the results for eight editorial pieces per month.
  • Collaborated with PR outreachers to publish content and achieved a remarkable 98% year-over-year increase in total backlinks and a 318% year-over-year increase in LendingTree mentions on high domain authority sites, significantly improving our overall SEO performance.
  • Implemented organizational measures to create searchable records for stakeholders needing specific data by vertical.
  • Managed organic social brand channels, producing content, measuring results, and reporting on competitor activity.
  • Worked closely with stakeholders of the channel, including product marketing, SEO, and paid social, to create campaigns that aligned with other company-wide initiatives and maintained consistent branding across channels.
  • Designed content and managed organic social presence for four brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Successfully launched the LendingTree TikTok account, amassing 13,500 followers in just four months.
  • Provided valuable support to the brand marketing team in the management of the end-to-end sponsorship process, which included vetting opportunities, modeling potential value, contract negotiations, and ensuring the delivery of contracted assets.
  • Utilized creative problem-solving skills to maximize value from missed opportunities during the challenging times of the COVID pandemic.

Below are a few examples of organic social content I created for the accounts I managed.


You know you’re work best friends when you coordinate your hybrid schedules #wfh #rto #backtowork #lendingtree #fintech

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They’re a 10 and they run the corporate TikTok #hesa10but #finance #fintech

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A day in the life of a content and partnerships coordinator at LendingTree #LendingTree #contentcreation #dayinthelife #basketball

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You know those websites that help you compare airfares and hotel rates? We’re like that… but for loans (and so much more). #finance #online #marketplace #fintech

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