MEJO 376 Sports Marketing

MEJO 376 Sports Marketing

Football is coming to Canada. Montreal will be the newest addition to the NFL. Montreal is the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province and the second-largest city in Canada, with over 1.8 million people. The location is ideal for a new team for many reasons. Montreal is a center of commerce, industry, technology, culture, finance, and world affairs for Canada. In 2015, Montreal was responsible for $193 Billion CDN of Quebec’s $370 Billion CDN GDP. Montreal sits only 100 miles from the US border near Maine, making it reasonable for US fans to travel to games. The New England area is not densely populated with teams like other regions; The Montreal Mighty Beavers could potentially win over Northerners that can no longer root for the Patriots. The Beavers will also operate as “Canada’s Team” in the NFL at the first expansion into the country. The Toronto Raptors have seen success joining the NBA, and the NFL has been looking to expand internationally since they implemented the London games into the season.

Now, this is modern sports merchandise: sports apparel for everyday wear. Yes, a jersey is the ultimate way to show your support on game day, but what about the other days of the week? The Montreal Mighty Beavers are partnering with Carhartt to create the perfect game day gear for those cold Montreal winters. We want our fans to be fashionably warm and show that they are Dam Good fans. The Carhartt designers incorporated Monty the Mighty Beaver into its beanie design, and fans have a range of team color options to choose from. The jackets come in an assortment of styles and colors that feature a branded team patch without being overbearing.

The Montreal Mighty Beavers want to acknowledge existing partnerships within the NFL to create meaningful official team licensed merchandise. The NFL has a standing affiliation with Bud Light’s parent company. Anheuser-Busch InBev, as the official beer of the NFL. Since 2011, Bud Light has utilized the various team’s branding and players: Montreal will be no different. In celebration of the new team. Bud Light will add the Mighty Beavers to its line of NFL bottles and cans.

Bud Light will also sell a limited-edition brew Beaver TALE. The limited-edition beer will be brewed using a combination of barley malts, rice and a blend of premium aroma hop varieties. This light lager features a fresh, smokey taste with subtle hop aromas and delivers ultimate refreshment with its delicate malt sweetness and crisp finish. It’s perfect for TALEgating.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is an international luxury hotel and resort company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Four Seasons operates more than 100 hotels and resorts worldwide, making it a fan’s premium game day stay. Four Seasons Hotel Montreal offers a chic and sleekly modern experience. It shines a fresh light on the city in this world capital of style and culture.

The Four Seasons Stadium will be the home of the Montreal Mighty Beavers. Four Seasons Hotels are scattered across the US in key cities where the NFL plays, making it a valuable partnership. The Four Seasons Stadium also will incorporate the elements of nature that tie the brand and the team together by having a retractable roof that connects you to the outdoors. The architecture is meant to imitate the structure of a beaver dam, symbolizing the mascot and the community coming together.

The Mighty Beaver field will feature Monty the Mighty Beaver at the 50-yard line and two distinct end zone designs. The end zones have Montreal and Mighty Beavers in the primary “river blue” to “turf green” gradient on “beaver wood brown.”

Air Canada is the flag carrier and Canada’s largest airline by fleet size and passengers carried. Air Canada maintains its headquarters in the borough of Saint-Laurent in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Pre pandemic, Air Canada had 57 US destinations included on its flight options; when fans want to fly to Montreal for a game, Air Canada is their go-to airline. The Mighty Beavers plane wrap will be a vital marketing play on the tarmac and in the skies to make people excited about the new addition to the NFL. The Air Canada partnership will be extremely valuable to to get more Canadian fans and viewers from across the country.