MEJO 634 PR Campaigns

MEJO 634 PR Campaigns

For MEJO 634 PR Campaigns, we were tasked with creating a campaign for our client, Carolina Dentistry. The campaign needed to focus on two primary concerns: fear and uncertainty surrounding the return to the dentist after the pandemic and the competition among dental practices.

Our group came up with the campaign “Carolina Dentistry on My Mind.” The campaign was multifaceted with three phases: revamp, reach out, and reconnect. 

Revamp includes:

  • Redesigning the website navigation
  • Having a Spanish-translated version
  • Creating a monthly email newsletter

Reach out involves:

  • Partnering with local sports teams by giving branded mouth guards
  • Partnering with real estate agencies to provide goodie bags
  • Having branded straws at coffee shops

Reconnect includes strategic placements of brochures or QR codes at Playmakers Repertory Company and local nursing homes.