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My Time as a Tar Heel

Relevant Course Work

In my time at UNC-Chapel Hill, I have had the privilege of taking a variety of hands-on, project based courses that have prepared me for my professional career. Some of the course I have taken include: Research for Advertising and Public Relations, Media Ethics, Writing and Reporting, Public Relations Writing, Case Studies in Public Relations, and Multimedia Composition. I have included samples of work I have done for various classes in order of most to least recent.

FALL 2020

For ENGL 318: Multimedia Composition and Design, I completed a series of projects that incorporated different design and genre conventions using multimodal elements. My first assignment was to create a literacy autobiography using Pinterest. We completed a digital review of an online tool and I chose to examine various COVID-19 Dashboards. For our final project, I made a video poem for Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare using a collection of my videos and videos that I purchased the licensing for.

For MEJO 121: Intro to Digital Storytelling, we primarily worked on our digital story which can be found on its separate page. Before we began this project, we were assigned to create a short video to practice some of the film concepts we had learned in class.


For MEJO 141: Media Ethics, we were tasked with interviewing someone in the media and journalism industry and discuss an experience they had with ethics. I interviewed Emmy Award-winning journalist Erica Bryant. This was probably my favorite assignment I have completed in college because I grew up watching WSOC Channel 9 Eyewitness News and Bryant is an alumnus of UNC. She spoke of an ethical dilemma she had regarding a prominent news story about a public official that I remembered vividly.

Erica Bryant

For MEJO 137: Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations, we were tasked with creating an advertisement or graphic for a Duke campaign to convince students that were undecided about where they wanted to go to college and they had received an admissions offer from both UNC and Duke.

For MEJO 153: Writing and Reporting, one assignment we were tasked with was to attend David Zucchino’s speech he gave at UNC and write a story based on what he discussed.


FALL 2019

For ENGL 385: Literature in Law, we were tasked with creating a multimedia presentation and poster that connected a court case with a play that we had read. We had to research and find both primary and secondary sources to create a claim about how media influences culture.